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We think you will find something you like at our self storage auctions.  Every auction is different; you never know what the unit will hold.

Auctions are now online!  Once you’ve experienced the benefits of online storage auctions, you’ll never go back. No more driving around going home empty handed. No more standing around in crowded cinder block hallways.

Lockerfox is the premium online storage auction experience for storage auction fans. With our state-of-the-art auction system, you’ll spend less time driving around and more time turning winnings into cash.

Take the time to research what a unit is worth. Factor in travel time and pick-up costs to haul your trailer or drive your truck. Online storage auctions give you the flexibility to think first. And bid smarter, every time.

Online Storage Auctions

When people who rent self-storage units don’t pay their bill, the contents of the unit go up for bid. We make it easy to find and bid on local online storage auctions. If you win a unit, you’ll be responsible for completely cleaning out the contents of the unit. We’ll charge your card a 10% buyer’s premium ($10 minimum charge) and you’ll pay CASH at the facility for your high bid amount. Here’s how it works.

1. Create Your Account

You can view online storage auctions without signing up, but to place a bid you’ll need to create an account.

2. Find Storage Auctions

We automatically show you auctions nearest you.
Please remember you need to pick up the unit’s contents in person if you win.
Bidding on units far away is not recommended for first-timers. Know your limits!
Be aware Lockerfox has a 180 mile distance limit until you’ve won and picked up some units. Give us a call if you need this adjusted.
Go ahead, find storage auctions near me.

3. Bid On Storage Auctions

You can bid in two ways. Bump the bid up by $10, or place a Proxy Bid.
Proxy bids will bump your bid $10 as needed to keep you on top, up to your maximum bid.
If you’re the winner, you’ll have up to 72 hours (less in some auctions) to pick up your unit’s contents.
You’ll need to bring cash for the bid amount, cleaning deposit, and sales tax (if charged).
You pay those charges directly to the storage facility.

Please be aware of the full costs and policies before bidding.

Auctions are “soft close” – bids received in the last minute will bump the countdown back to 1 minute.

We’ll charge your credit card a 10% ($10.00 min.) buyer’s premium, which is our fee for providing this service.

You must be 18 years or older to bid, and able to pick up up the unit’s contents in person.
All sales of storage units are final.

4. Relax

We’ll drop you an email if you get outbid. No worries.
If the overdue tenant pays their bill, the auction will cancel and the bidders will be emailed.

5. Be There At The End

If you didn’t proxy bid, duke it out at auction close time against other bidders!
Auctions are “soft close” – bids received in the last minute will bump the countdown back to 1 minute.

6. We Have A Winner!

We’ll charge your credit card a 10% ($10.00 min.) buyer’s premium, which is our fee for providing this service.
The overdue tenant can pay their bill until you show up with the money. Hurry in after winning!

7. Pick Up Your Loot

Call the storage facility and let them know when you’re coming in to pick-up.
Bring a suitable truck or trailer if needed, and a pair of gloves!
Make sure you bring a lock in case you need to make a second trip. You cannot leave the unit without putting a lock on it.
Don’t forget a broom to sweep out the empty unit.
In some cases, you can rent the unit if you need more time. Ask the facility manager.

8. Tell Your Friends

See a unit that’s perfect for a friend?
Share auctions and get them in on the excitement!
Each auction page has share buttons for that specific auction.






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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

While we navigate this unprecedented time, we hope you are well and safe. We also want to keep you abreast on how COVID-19 and the Stay-At-Home orders as directed by our County Health Department will affect our business. Bob & Mindy will continue to be available during regular business hours to accept phone payments, rent new units, discuss and process move outs, handle emergencies, etc. We appreciate any necessary conversations take place over the phone at 303-494-5454 or via email at superior@coloradostorage.com. As always, you can continue to make payments through our website using your email address on file and your gate passcode to create an account. Access to your goods will remain unimpeded; our gate hours remain unchanged and barring delinquency, you will continue to access your unit. Should an emergency require your physical appearance, please call to schedule an appointment at which time a six feet margin of contact will be maintained. Thank you for your cooperation and help in stopping the spread of COVID-19.